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NewsWrap: Facebook in India, Android sales at 1000%, China Mobile in the US, Yahoo Android App Store, Facebook FTP Settlement

NewsWrap brings you the latest today in Tech News from China and the world at large. Today we look at Facebook’s India projections, Android sales in Southeast Asia, China Mobiles move into the US, Yahoo’s Android app store in Japan, and Facebook’s FTP settlement.

India to be Facebook’s Top User-Base 

Vaughan Smith, Facebook’s VP for mobile, said that India will probably rise to be Facebook’s top user-base in the future. Facebook has been putting serious effort into making sure that their SNS works on over 2000 types of phones through its ‘Facebook for every phone’ initiative. This will help them in India and Philippines where many users own cheaper phones.



Android Smartphone Sales Fly to 1,000%

Android has seen an incredible 1,000 percent sales increase of the last year in Southeast Asia. They have surpassed sales of Nokia’s Symbian and RIM’s Blackberry. Android is thought to have almost 40 percent of the market share in Southeast Asia.



China Mobile to Take on US Next Year

China’s phone giant, China Mobile, will be introducing a dual-line cell phone service in the US for China. This will give phone users a working line in the US and another in China. The goal will be to attract Chinese-Americans and those who frequently travel between China and the US. Rumors of the company’s potential buyout of a cellular network in the US will likely be subject to review from the US government.



Japan: Yahoo set Launch Android App Store in 2012

Yahoo is planning to release an app store dedicated to the Android operating system in Japan next year. This will give Android a significant boost in the region. Before this release occurs, they have created a dedicated Android app section on its Japanese homepage.



Facebook Privacy Settlement Expected

After two years of investigation Facebook is finally on the verge of settling with the FTP. According to Talking Points Memo, The agreement allegedly requires “Facebook to get ‘express affirmative consent’ from users if it decides to make ‘material retroactive changes,’ to the information they’ve posted on the website.” They have also agreed to be audited by an independent third party every two years over the next twenty.


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