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NewsWrap: Lashou IPO, Singaporean Internet Users, Mobage in South Korea, iPhone 4S Late to China, Differing Focus of Apple and Google

NewsWrap brings you the latest today in Tech News from China and the world at large. Today we look at the latest news on Lashou’s IPO, Singaporean Internet Users, DeNA and Daum taking Mobage to South Korea, the iPhone 4s’ China delay,  and design vs. data the difference between Apple and Google.



Lashou Expects to Raise 67M in IPO

Lashou has announced that it will be offering over five million American depositary shares on the Nasdaq Global Market to raise around USD 67 million. They plan to invest USD 20 million in marketing, 20 million to develop a call and operations center, 10 million toward research and development, and 2 million toward enterprise resource planning.



Singaporeans Heaviest Internet Users in Southeast Asia

According to the Nielsen Southeast Asia Digital Consumer Report, Singaporeans are the heaviest Internet users in the region. They spend an average of 25 hours per week online. After them are Filipinos who spend 12.5 hours online and then Malaysians who spend 19.8 hours. The report noted that Internet usage in Southeast Asia is surpassing time spent on other forms of media like television, radio and print and predicted that by mid-2012, 89 percent of Singaporean digital consumers will own a smartphone.



DeNA and Daum to Introduce Mobage to South Korea

DeNA’s social gaming platform Mobage is moving into South Korea. DeNA has signed a MoU with Daum to promote the Mobage platform in South Korea. Daum is a very popular web portal in South Korea that has 39 million registered users and is visited by 93 percent of all South Korean Internet users. The goal is to both expand into new countries but also to build a more global audience.



iPhone 4S still not in China

According to an article at Penn Olson, it could be while before Chinese Apple lovers see the iPhone 4s sold on the Mainland. This is because regulators are holding up the 4S. The phone needs to be inspected by two government bodies before it can reach the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MITT) where it will undergo a final, short inspection that could take as little as eight workdays. However, the 4S hasn’t yet made it to the MITT.



The Difference between Apple and Google

An article posted on Mashable attempts to outline the differences between Apple and Google. It’s not an in-depth study but someone who read both the Steve Jobs biography and In the Plex, but on the surface the argument he makes is persuasive. It argues that Google is focused entirely on data and Apple on design. The conclusion being that neither data nor design can be separated entirely from the other despite the opposite focuses of the company’s. However, because of their differing foci they will inherently be producing different products.


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