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Meet the Execs: Lin Bin, President and Co-Founder, Xiaomi [GMIC Roadshow USA]

China’s tech companies are a force to be reckoned with.  With the aim to inform, educate, and promote sharing between the East and West, the GMIC Roadshow USA will bring 8 C-Level executives and top GMIC speakers, who are China’s top mobile leaders, to Silicon Valley on November 5th – 12th.  Introducing another member of this trip’s delegation, Lin Bin, who is the President of Xiaomi Technology Co. Ltd. (makers of the Xiaomi Phone).

GMIC Roadshow

About Xiaomi Technology Co. Ltd.






Noted as one of the most ambitious startups in China by TechCrunch, Xiaomi Technology Co. Ltd. is headquartered in Beijing and was established in April of 2010.  Originally focusing on iPhone and Android software development, it has made waves in China’s Android ecosystem with its own Android OS called MIUI (MI UI), along with a myriad of other Xiaomi-based apps: MI Chat, Xiaomi Reader, Xiaomi Share, and Xiaomi Notes.

Move forward in strides, Xiaomi continued to shake up the smartphone market in China.  Now estimated to be valued at $200 millon USD, Xiaomi has raised $35 million from Morningside Group and QiMing Venture Partners, and released their own hardware by producing the first ‘affordable’ high-caliber dual-core smartphone for only USD $310 (RMB 1999), which would typically sell for double the price for a competing phone of the same hardware specs.

It’s unusual to see hardware startups in mobile, but Xiaomi seems to have found a sweet spot by specifically targeting the China market, and is banking on their understanding of Chinese users to topple the giants such as Apple, HTC, and Nokia in the lucrative Chinese mobile market.


About Lin Bin: Co-Founder and President, Xiaomi

Now the Co-Founder and Preseident of Xiaomi Technology Co. Ltd., Lin Bin was previously the VP of Google China’s Engineering Research Institute, and Engineering Director of Google, and was solely responsible for Google’s mobile search in China.  Lin Bin was also known for leading Team Services, and Engineering Research and Development at Google China.  The products released under Lin Bin were local search, search, mobile news, weather and stock information, image search, Google Maps, and Google Pinyin IME.

Prior to Google, Lin Bin was with the Microsoft Asia team as a Project Supervisor, and Senior Development Manager in the Microsoft Pacific R&D Group.

Lin Bin received his Masters in C.S. from Drexel University in Philadelphia, USA, and his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou, China.

Catch the GMIC Roadshow USA

This year’s GMIC Roadshow USA is unmatched in the number and caliber of delegates traveling from China to the US.  Interested in finding out more about China’s mobile Internet industry? Don’t miss out on the GMIC Roadshow USA, and stay tuned for future exposés on our trip’s delegates.

About the GMIC Roadshow USA: The Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) in Beijing is now the largest and most influential mobile internet conference in Asia drawing more that 5000 participants from 30 countries. There is no other event that draws the same level of speakers or provides the same level of insights on mobile business in Asia. Today, we are excited to announce that Americans will be able to experience the GMIC on a small scale without leaving the US through the GMIC Roadshow USA. See a list of the other attending executives.

For more information, contact barrett [AT] greatwallclub dot com.

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