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Meet the Execs: Michael Song, CEO, SKYMOBI [GMIC Roadshow USA]

China’s tech companies are a force to be reckoned with.  With the aim to inform, educate, and promote sharing between the East and West, the GMIC Roadshow USA will bring 8 C-Level executives and top GMIC speakers, who are China’s top mobile leaders, to Silicon Valley on November 5th – 12th.  Michael Song, who is the CEO of SKY-MOBI, will be one of the gentlemen that will be apart of this delegation.

GMIC road show

About Sky-Mobi 


Sky-Mobi Limited (Nasdaq:MOBI), operates one of the largest mobile application stores in China.  Sky-Mobi works with handset companies to pre-install  their Maopao mobile application store on handsets and with content developers to provide users with high quality applications and content titles.  Users of their Maopao store can browse, download and purchase a wide range of applications and content such as single-player games, mobile music and books.

In addition, they have established a leading mobile social network community in China, the Maopao Community, where they offer popular localized mobile social games as well as applications and content with social network functions to our registered members. Our Maopao store enables mobile applications and content to be downloaded and run on a variety of mobile handsets with different hardware and operating system configurations. From January 1, 2007 to September 30, 2010, Maopao had approximately 479 million cumulative users.

Over the same period, they offered over 770 applications and over 61,000 content titles and the cumulative number of downloads reached 3.6 billion.  While they are working to gain traction in the smart phone market, the majority of their current users are feature phone users.

Michael Tao Song

Michael Tao Song is the founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Sky-Mobi.

Prior to Sky-Mobi, Mr. Song worked as a product director at Eastcom Communications Co., Ltd., a telecommunication technology company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, from 2000 to 2005.  He holds over 10 years of mobile communication industry experience.  Mr. Song received his bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics from Tianjin University in 2000.

Michael has a history of entrepreneurship under his belt.  While still in college, he has founded a successful advertising company where  Haier and other large enterprises eventually become his clients.  But this was not his first entrepreneurial endeavor.  Prior to this, he started an entrance examination prep company.  He realized there was quite a bit of money to be made in exam prep given the pressure to do well on the exams within Chinese culture, and so he began collecting reviews, old exams, and other information which he then sold to students on a large scale.

Catch the GMIC Roadshow USA

This year’s GMIC Roadshow USA is unmatched in the number and caliber of delegates traveling from China to the US.  Interested in finding out more about China’s mobile Internet industry? Don’t miss out on the GMIC Roadshow USA, and stay tuned for future exposés on our trip’s delegates.

About the GMIC Roadshow USA: The Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) in Beijing is now the largest and most influential mobile internet conference in Asia drawing more that 5000 participants from 30 countries. There is no other event that draws the same level of speakers or provides the same level of insights on mobile business in Asia. Today, we are excited to announce that Americans will be able to experience the GMIC on a small scale without leaving the US through the GMIC Roadshow USA. See a list of the other attending executives.

For more information, contact barrett [AT] greatwallclub dot com.

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  2. […] normal pitch is that they are “the world’s largest free app store”. However, after meeting Michael Song, the CEO of Sky-Mobi, who was with me at the time and claims to have 6 billion accumulated downloads, Chris humorously […]

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