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Meet the Execs: Yong Wang, CEO, DeNA China [GMIC Roadshow USA]

China’s tech companies are a force to be reckoned with.  With the aim to inform, educate, and promote sharing between the East and West, the GMIC Roadshow USA will bring 8 C-Level executives and top GMIC speakers, who are China’s top mobile leaders, to Silicon Valley on November 5th – 12th.  Yong Wang, who is the CEO of DeNA China, will be one of the gentlemen that will be apart of this delegation.

GMIC Roadshow

About DeNA and DeNA China


DeNA, which is publicly listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE:DENA), is headquartered in Tokyo and was established in 1999.  Initially, DeNA’s core business was as an e-commerce mobile auction platform called Mobaoku (resulting in the ‘e’ for e-commerce in their name DeNA), but they expanded to mobile gaming in 2006 with Mobage-town.

Mobage-town is now the largest mobile SNS in Japan with over 30 million users, many of whom play via feature phones, registers over 80 billion page views per month, and is projecting its revenue for the entire fiscal year to reach $1.3 billion.  Mobage-town now generates 90% of DeNa’s revenue from sales of virtual items, avatar-related sales, and ads-  an impressive feat considering that their revenue comes solely from japan-based mobile phone users.

In recent years, DeNa has been focusing specifically on expanding outside of japan.  DeNA made a USD $10M acquisition of in August of 2009 (rebranded to DeNA China Network Technology Company) to target China’s mobile gaming market, and subsequently in 2010, DeNA acquired San Francisco based Ngmoco an iPhone game studio.


About Yong Wang: CEO, DeNA China

Yong Wang is the CEO of DeNA China, and previously Tianxia ( before DeNA’s acquisition in 2009. is China’s largest mobile SNS, and had over 14 million users in 2010.  Initially starting as a famous portal site in China, it pivoted to focus on mobile in 2007 as the first mobile SNS in China, with mobile games, mobile blogs, and mobile groups.

Fluent in both Chinese and Japanese along with a strong command of English, Mr. Wang has over 10 years of experience establishing mobile and wireless companies in China, Japan, and the US.

These include CA Mobile, one of the largest mobile advertising companies in Japan, where Mr. Wang established the first mobile advertising company in China— CA Mobile China in 2003 and took the role as COO.  In 2006, he established the first virtual mobile SNS, Ixenland, in the US and served as President and CEO.

Prior to CA Mobile, Mr. Wang served in NTT (NYSE:NTT), the largest telecommunication company in the world, and provided global telecommunication management consulting services to Japanese entrepreneurs.

Mr. Wang holds an MBA degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and a Bachelor’s degree from the Mie University of Japan.


Catch the GMIC Roadshow USA

This year’s GMIC Roadshow USA is unmatched in the number and caliber of delegates traveling from China to the US.  Interested in finding out more about China’s mobile Internet industry? Don’t miss out on the GMIC Roadshow USA, and stay tuned for future exposés on our trip’s delegates.

About the GMIC Roadshow USA: The Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) in Beijing is now the largest and most influential mobile internet conference in Asia drawing more that 5000 participants from 30 countries. There is no other event that draws the same level of speakers or provides the same level of insights on mobile business in Asia. Today, we are excited to announce that Americans will be able to experience the GMIC on a small scale without leaving the US through the GMIC Roadshow USA. See a list of the other attending executives.

For more information, contact barrett [AT] greatwallclub dot com.

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