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NewsWrap: Alipay Withdrawals, Tencent and ChinaVision, The9 Steps into Korea, Googles Music Store, Ice Cream Sandwich

NewsWrap brings you the latest today in Tech News from China and the worldat large. Today¬†we look at mass withdrawals form Alipay, Tencent’s new stake in ChinaVision, The9’s new South Korean branch, Googles new music store, and the top ten reasons to be excited by Android Ice Cream Sandwich.


Alipay Suffers Mass Withdrawals

Coordinated by protesting Taobao Mall merchants, Alipay announced that it was the target of large-scale fund withdrawals. The platform apparently went down for two days and consumers reported that they were unable to access it or the Taobao Mall’s payment page. The outage was apparently unrelated to the protest and Alipay assured users that their funds were safe.



Tencent Buys 8% Stake in ChinaVision

ChinaVision and Tencent have formed a strategic partnership as Tencent buys an 8 percent stake in the company. Tencent will promote and stream ChinaVision content online and the companies will also jointly produce video content.



The9 Establishes South Korean Branch

The9 Interactive is stepping into the international scene. The gaming operator that distributes a number of western games in China and was the former Chinese operator of World of Warcraft is opening a branch in South Korea. They seem to be mostly looking at releasing the games it operates in China into the Korean market.


Google Preparing to Launch Music Store

Allegedly, Google’s music download service might be rolling out in the next two weeks. Similar to the iTunes model, songs will be downloaded at $0.99 each. Google’s service however will not include all four major record labels. This could hurt the popularity of this new music service, as users will not have access to as much music as they have through iTunes.



Top Ten Reasons to be Pumped for Android Ice Cream Sandwich

A week after Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) was finally announced in Hong Kong V3 has put together a compelling list of the ten most exciting things ICS will be offering. Some of them, while cool, seem a little gimmicky like face detection for unlocking the phone but the panoramic camera feature sounds pretty sweet.



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