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NewsWrap: Shanda to Chinese Stock Market, Why Japan loses to Apple, the Steve Jobs Production Plan, iPhone 4, Fly Mobile Tablet

NewsWrap brings you the latest today in Tech News from China and the world at large. Today we look at Shanda’s possible move to the Chinese Stock Market, Why Japan keeps losing to Apple, Ningbo’s Steve Jobs production plan, iPhone 4’s large hold on the iOS market and Fly Mobile’s new low-priced tablet.

Shanda to List on Shanghai Stock Exchange?

Yesterday, we wrote that it had been reported that Shanda Interactive was planning an in-house buyout, privatizing the company. According to an industry source, Marbridge Daily is reporting that Shanda may list on the Shanghai Stock Exchange by the end of next year. The proposal to go private is allegedly being done as part of this move to Mainland China.


Isseki Nagae: Why Japan Keeps Losing to Apple

On October 11th Isseki Nagae, IT consultant, author and developer, wrote a post on his blog titled, “Why Japanese manufacturers keep losing to Apple, in the words of Steve Jobs.” The post was however an opinion piece, not necessarily Steve Jobs’ thoughts on the topic.

Naggae makes some interesting observations that Japanese companies put entirely too much emphasis on appealing to the views of the average consumer, “Try asking these consumers what kind of mobile phone they want. They’ll say they want emoji, they want to write email with one hand, they absolutely must have 1sec, oh and the device must be waterproof, and work as a digital wallet, and they’ll ask for all kinds of other neat functions… and what you get is another forgettable Galapagos gadget that the world will just ignore.”

The article is posted on Global Voices Online in both English and Japanese*


City of Ningbo Announces, “Steve Jobs Production Plan”

The Chinese port city of Ningbo recently announced a somewhat bizarre plan to invest five million yuan over the next five years to build “an army of Steve Jobs-style leaders.” The initial group will be 1,400 people strong and are expected to be mid-career officials and scholars. “What might be called the ‘Steve Jobs production plan’ is unimaginably bizarre,” wrote the Chinese financial-news site Hexun. Of course, Ningbo officials responded that their program had been “exaggerated and misread.”


iPhone 4 Accounts for 83 Percent of iOS Devices in China

According to Umeng, Apple’s iPhone 4 now accounts for 83.4 percent of iOS handsets in Mainland China. This comes after a series of statistics highlights the growing strength of Apple products in China. iPad 2 also comes with impressive statistics holding 59.8 percent adoption in the iOS tablet market. The original iPad holds the remaining 40.2 percent.


Fly Mobile: India Sees a New Low Priced Tablet

While the rest of the world is being inundated with new high-priced, high-end tablets, India has seen a growth in low-end devices (Aakash $35, Beetel Magiq $199, HCL’s ME X1 $210, and Reliance’s 3G Tab $260). The new Fly Mobile tablet, Fly Vision will sell at $145. Obviously the lower price tag brings less impressive specs. Fly Vision will be running Froyo 2.2 with only 256MB of RAM.


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