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Globalization (or China-fication) of the Internet – Mary Meeker Strikes Again

During one of the most well attended sessions of the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, Mary Meeker (Partner, KPCB) has yet again blown the tech industry’s mind with another provocative deck of trends and stats highlighting among other things, China’s increasing role in the global internet and mobile industry.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Of the largest 25 tech companies, now 6 of them are from China and 2 are from Russia.
  • 81% of users of the top 10 global internet properties (Facebook, Tencent, Google etc.) are outside of the US
  • In 3 years, China added more internet users than exist in the US
  • Mobile/social companies are increasingly founded outside of the US and have grown globally including into the US (i.e. Spotify, Shazam, Waze, Soundcloud)
  • Smartphone shipments have begun to overtake feature phone shipments in W. Europe and US and will continue globally
  • 3g has grown 35% year over year (2011 Q2) globally including 172% in China
  • Its currently a 2 horse race in mobile phones (Android vs. iPhone) and in tablets (iPad vs. Kindle)
  • Mobile advertising is growing rapidly in all geographies with the largest advertising market being in Asia
  • Mobile App and advertising revenue is up 17X in 3 years
  • In the near future, expect big innovation in sound technologies including Bluetooth devices, noise cancellation headsets, wireless speakers, connected car audio, sound recognition, sound creation/sharing.
  • mobile commerce is increasing rapidly as seen by the sales of Amazon, eBay, Square, Paypal and Target.
  • There is still much smartphone growth to come as only 835 million of the 5.6 billion mobils subscribers are smartphone users.
  • Android adoption has grown even faster than the iPhone initially ramped up
  • Made in US smartphone (Android, IOS, Windows) OS is at 65% compared to 5% five years ago
  • 85% of the world has access to a wireless signal compared to 80% access to electricity
  • Tech is up but US economy is down. USA Inc. needs to make sweeping changes quick
Check out her presentation on your own below:

KPCB Internet Trends (2011)

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