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NewsWrap: Apple’s Scott Forstall, Xunlei IPO, iPhone, Ushi Partners with GLG, Chinese Group Buy Sites

NewsWrap brings you the latest today in Tech News from China and the world at large. Today we look at a well written profile on Steve Jobs’ protegé Scott Forstall, Xunlei withdrawing their IPO, the iPhone reaching 9.5 million users in China, Ushi’s partnership with GLG, and layoffs in the group buying sector.



Profile on Apple’s Scott Forstall

Business Week posted a very interesting article profiling Scott Forstall’s role in Apple and hedges that he could be a likely person to fill in for Steve Jobs. For those who don’t know Forstall is in charge of Apple’s mobile software division and is the youngest senior executive at Apple. While he garners intense loyalty from some, he also generates the opposite response and has been the reason several top executives have left the company.



Xunlei Withdraws IPO Registration

Xunlei has cited the European debt crisis and the dismal U.S. economic situation as the main causes for stopping its IPO. Xunlei previously postponed their IPO in July and also cited U.S. market conditions as a cause.



China Mobile iPhone Reaches 9.5 Million Users

Yesterday, at the CEO Manpower Conference 2011, China Mobile chairman Wang Jianzhou said that they currently add more than a million new iPhone users each month totaling 9.5 million current users. This news comes at the same that Xyologic announced in a report that in August 2011 there were 78.29m iPhone app downloads compared to 22.14m Android app downloads.

Jianzhou also said the ‘wireless city’ network will continue to expand and, as it does, so will the number of iPhone users. The company hopes to add one million new wi-fi hotspots throughout China.

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Ushi Partners with US Company

Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG) moved into China’s professional networking sector, taking a minority stake in Ushi. Ushi, similar to LinkedIn, even with GLG’s investment has an uphill battle ahead of it. LinkedIn itself, despite not having operations in China, has one million members in China. Ushi is also up against Jingwei, which was launched by Renren and Zhaopin.



Layoffs Hit: Chinese Group Buy Sites Hurting

Chinese group buy sites have been having no end of difficulties recently. Seven of China’s top 10 group buy sites in hopes of surviving a slow winter retail season. Lashou has allegedly already begun large-scale layoffs, from 50% of the staff in their Beijing and Shanghai offices and even larger numbers elsewhere. 55Tuan is also allegedly in the process of a round of layoffs.


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