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NewsWrap: Rovio IPO, Virtual Property Inheritance, Xiaomi Pre-Orders, Lenovo Surpasses Dell, Android ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’

NewsWrap brings you the latest today in Tech News from China and the world at large. Today we look at the beginnings of Rovio’s future IPO, the intricacies of virtual property inheritance after death, preorders of Xiaomi’s new phone being re-sold on Taobao, Lenovo becoming No.2 in Global PC market, and Google and Samsung’s Ice Cream Sandwich event in Hong Kong. 


Rovio Entertainment: Possible IPO Launch

Rovio Entertainment’s CMO Peter Vesterbacka, told Bloomberg Television that the company will launch an IPO “maybe a year from now.” The company is worth around $1 billion but Vesterbacka hinted that its worth is a little higher than that.



QQ Numbers and Virtual Property not Protected Legally after Death

In 2004 Chinese lawyers tried pushing for legislation to protect virtual property but nothing came of it. This is an issue that more people are encountering as maintaining an online life becomes more and more mainstream. For people who want to pass down their QQ number (a membership number generated at time a user registers with the service) once they die, there is no legal structure in place to support that. That being said, if you simply give your password to the people whom you want to inherit your virtual belongings then that pretty much solves the issue.



Xiaomi Phone Pre-order Numbers Selling on Taobao

The Xiaomi phone has been met with considerable amount of interest selling 300,000 pre-orders in less than two days, meeting their pre-order limit,. With the low supply Xiaomi pre-order numbers have started showing up on Taobao and other ecommerce sites. The lower the number, the higher the price. The phone hasn’t come out yet so let’s hope that those spending the extra money on previously owned numbers are pleased with their decision.



Lenovo Surpasses Dell Becoming No.2 in Global PC Market

Market research firms IDC and Gartner claim that Lenovo has overtaken Dell this year to become the worlds Number 2 PC maker. Gartner lists Lenovo as having 13.5% of the market share and IDC saying 13.7%. Unfortunately this growth comes with the continuing decline of the PC Industry.



Google and Samsung to Hold Mobile Event in Hong Kong

The two companies are expected to show off the latest version of Android, nick-named “Ice Cream Sandwich”. It will be the latest edition of the Android operating system and the first smartphone to run it, Samsung’s Nexus Prime. The event was originally scheduled on October 11th in San Diego but after the passing of Steve Jobs both companies decided that the date wasn’t appropriate. The event will now take place in Hong Kong on October 18th.


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