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NewsWrap: Lenovo, Sogou, Sony Playstation Network, Aakash Tablet, Facebook Ads

NewsWrap brings you the latest today in Tech News from China and the world at large. Today we look at the release of three new tablets by Lenovo India, Sogou overtaking Google in China, Sony’s Playstation Network, ten reasons why Aakash will fail, and statistics on Facebook Ad since 2010. 


Lenovo India Releases Three Android Tablets

Lenova recently launched three new tablets: The Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 64GB ($954USD), the K1 ($610USD) and the A1 ($305USD). Both the Thinkpad and K1 run Android 3.1, however the A1 only runs Android 2.3. In terms of hardware specs all three tablets seem very useable. The company said they will not call it a PC killer or an iPad killer. Rajiv Rao, director of Lenovo India’s SMB department, said there is a distinct place for tablets, notebooks and notebooks. A very prescient statement I think. With so many new tablets and smartphones being released it can sometimes be difficult to differentiate them and view them individually than as all being different versions of the same thing.



Sogou Overtakes Google in Search Market Share

According to a report made by an independent market research institute CNZZ, Sogou overtook Google China in user adoption. claims 7.09% of China’s search market with Google China’s share down to 6.51%. Neither gain nor fall is that large considering Baidu still holds 78.98% of the market share. While Sogou’s search traffic has doubled for the last year Google China still comes out ahead in revenue. Sogou hopes to report a profit next year and also hopes to reach 800 employees by the end of the year.

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Sony Locks 93,000 Accounts 

AP reported yesterday that Sony had detected a large number of unauthorized attempts to access user accounts on the PlayStation Network. In response they locked around 93,000 accounts. Sony said credit card numbers were not at risk and that they had “taken steps to mitigate the activity”. This of course comes after over 100 million accounts were compromised and forced Sony to shut down the PlayStation Network for a month.



Ten Reasons why India’s $35 Tablet will Fail

We’ve been following the release of India’s cheap tablet called Aakash for several weeks now. Bala Murall Krishna makes many interesting points about why he thinks this Tablet is “destined for failure.” One point he makes is that despite all the hype no one has actually been able to test out and review the Aakash tablet. So, many of the manufacturers’ claims and results from lab tests are just that… claims.



Facebook Ad Click Through Rate Up, Cost Per Click Down

A new report from TBG Digital says that from the second to the third quarter of 2011 click-through rates increased 18.5% but the cost per click decreased 10.8%. Since 2010 brands have moved from trying to send users to their external websites to spending more money on their Facebook presences in an attempt to get users to Like their Page thus subscribing to their updates.


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