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NewsWrap: India’s Tablet, Tech-IPO Industry, Tencet Q+, QQ Buy, Mobile Commerce Study

NewsWrap brings you the latest today in Tech News from China and the world at large. Today we look at the release of India’s $35 tablet, China’s faltering Tech-IPO Industry, the re-launch of Tencent’s Q+, the launch of QQ Buy and a study on the growth of Mobile Commerce. 



India: Worlds Cheapest Tablet Launches on Time

India’s $35 tablet released on time and on target this past Wednesday. The price tag is the result of subsidies for students. It will later be released in shops for around $60. The Tablet supports video conferencing, has two USB ports and a three-hour battery life. While some claimed it to be slow and not on par with the iPad or their laptop, I can’t imagine this is at all meant to replace their use. The affordability of this tablet will allow students who don’t have the money for an iPad to be able to connect both inside and outside the classroom similarly to those that can.



Chinese Tech-IPO Industry Worst Performing Industry in 2011

This has been a rough year for Chinese industries across the board, all coming in below a -10.00% average growth rate this year. Unfortunately the Tech industry was hit the hardest coming in at a little over -20.00% growth rate. IPO Dashboards posted an interesting infographic last week illustrating this difficult year. IPO Dashboards writes that this decline, “[Is] in this shadow that questions of web 2.0 viability and a possible new bubble continue to brew.”



WebQQ Revamped and Re-launched as Q+

Q+ integrates many of Tencent’s services like QQ Mail, Tencent Weibo, and Qzone. Also offering all kinds of third-party apps, cloud-based input editor for typing Chinese characters. It has a Video chat feature, which does requires Flash. Q+ operates in many ways like a desktop OS allowing users to switch between five desktop spaces. All of these features make Q+ something more than simply a IM web app but an interesting and complex interface.



QQ Buy Launches

QQ’s B2C e-commerce marketplace, called QQ Buy, opened yesterday. The marketplace is a response to Alibaba’s dominance in the e-commerce market. currently ships only to Guangdong. Tencent’s QQ Buy launch add’s another competitor in an already fierce sector including Dangdang, 360 Buy, and Alibaba’s TMall site.



Study Finds Expansive Adoption of Mobile Commerce

An MEF study released in June found that 82 percent of consumers have used their mobile phones to purchase digital products. The survey covers Brazil, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Qatar, Singapore, South Africa, UK, and the US. The research also found that 72 percent of global consumers use mobile Internet on a daily basis and 18 percent of those people no longer use a fixed line to access the Internet.


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