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NewsWrap: Google Store, iPhone 4S, Alibaba/Yahoo, Baidu International, and Xiaomi

NewsWrap brings you the latest today in Tech News from China and the world at large. Today we look at Google’s first retail store, why Chinese consumers should stick with their iPhone 4, rumors surrounding Alibaba eyeing Yahoo, the launch of Baidu International, and rumors surrounding Xiaomi’s move into the digital book market.


First Google Retail Store Opens in London
Google’s first retail store, Chromezone open, opened on September 30th outside Google’s campus location in London. The store has been set up largely to push the Chrome operating system staffing the store with “Chrome specialists” who are on call to help customers. It does also sell Chromebook laptop and accessories. This move into retail could be a response to Apples success in the sector.



Reasons Chinese Consumers should Avoid iPhone 4S

While excitement over a new iPhone is always intense Penn Olson lists five reasons why Chinese consumers should stick with the iPhone 4.

  • Siri does not support Mandarin Chinese
  • Looks the same as iPhone 4
  • Chinese email service will roll out for iPhone4 users on October 12th
  • If you want 3G you still have to go through China Unicom
  • Rival Phones OSes much stronger than before



Alibaba to Acquire Yahoo?

Jack Ma, CEO of Alibaba, said in a speech at Stanford University, “I’m very interested in Yahoo. The Alibaba Group is very important to Yahoo, and Yahoo is very important to us.” Yahoo currently owns a stake in Alibaba but that may change. It’s still unclear how this will play out. Yahoo is going through hard times at the moment recently firing its CEO. Ma is also moving to the US for the next year in order to learn more about the US. Digicha suggests that if it is not a Yahoo plan then maybe he is planning to launch and English version of Taobao to rival Ebay.



Baidu International Launches

Baidu, in partnership with China Search International, is launching Baidu International. The service is meant to “help advertisers globally launch, manage and optimize on Baidu.” This enables the rest of the world to put ads in front of China’s 500-million internet users. So far, Baidu International offers two ad products to international brands: Search advertising, which functions similarly to Google Adwords and Brand Zone, which puts company’s messages at the top of a search results page.



Xiaomi: Entering Digital Book Market?

While still only a rumor, according Yang Xiaoming, deputy secretary of China Mobile Internet Industry Alliance, Xiaomi Tech is planning to move into the digital reading market through MIUI. MIUI is a 3rd-party customized Android ROM.


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