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Hong Kong Apple Store Holds Best Opening Day Sales in Apple History, More Stores to Open in China

Apple’s newest stores break opening day sales records for Apple.  Apple officially plans to bring more stores to China in the future.  

We’re not going to attempt to bring all the latest news about Apple’s announcement event to you right now – check out AllThingsD for their live stream.  But after hearing China mentioned directly in the opening remarks, I felt it was worth publishing immediately.

Tim Cook, the new CEO of Apple who replaced Steve Jobs, announced this morning in his opening remarks that Apple would be bringing more stores to China.  Not exactly the most shocking news given Apple’s popularity here, but putting it in a keynote speech like this means it is a concrete fixture in their strategy.  Putting at the beginning of a key not speech like this means they are pretty darn happy with it.

The two new stores in Hong Kong and Shanghai brought the total number of stores in China to 6.  And they were pretty busy when the doors finally opened for the first time.  The Apple Store in Hong Kong, alone, welcomed over 100,000 visitors in the first week.  That’s right 100,000 – a small city passed through their doors in course of roughly 48 hours.  Additionally, Hong Kong sold more Macs on opening day than any other store opening in Apple’s history.

The addition of the two stores brought Apple up to 357 stores in 11 countries world wide.

If there is any more love for China mentioned at today’s event, I’ll update this article accordingly.


China loves Apple.  Apple loves China.


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