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NewsWrap: Spotify in Asia, India’s $35 Tablet, GREE, Nokia, Facebook ‘Timelines’

NewsWrap brings you the latest today in Tech News from China and the world at large. Today we look at Spotify’s move into Asia, India’s $35 tablet Launch, GREE’s world wide expansion, Nokia’s Meltemi, and the relationship between Facebook’s Timelines and your career.



Former Google Exec Hired to Head Spotify’s Asian Expansion

Spotify‘s move into Asia is coming with the recent hiring of Dan Brody, a former Google executive, as General Manager of Asia-Pacific. According to TechCrunch, Brody is looking to hire people in Hong Kong, Singapore and Sydney. A timeline for Spotify’s Asia-Pacific launch is not yet available.



India’s $35 Tablet to Launch in October

India’s Communications and Information Technology Minister announced that the $35 tablet computer would be released sometime in October. The Android tablet will allegedly be released Oct. 5 according to The Times of India, but after several delays, we shall see if it actually is released on time. Depending on how well this tablet functions, it could have significant impact on the tablet market… depending being the operative word.



GREE’s SanFran Push and Worldwide Expansion

A GREE billboard recently put up in San Francisco says, “Huge in Japan. Growing Here.” GREE has hired over 40 people in the US and will only continue to grow. GREE isn’t only growing in Japan, China and the US. It has partnered with migg33 (Southeast Asia market), SK Telecom in Korea, and has invested in China’s Ultizen. It doesn’t end there. On Sept. 1, GREE announced five new offices. Three will be established this October in Seoul, Singapore and London. The other two will be established beginning of next year in the Netherlands and Brazil.



Nokia’s Meltemi Reassures Qt Developers

The Wall Street Journal announced yesterday that Nokia is developing a Linux-based low-end operating system called Meltemi, which will replace S40 on Nokia phones. Developers had been asked to continue developing Qt, but weren’t told where Qt was going. Particularly with other Nokia projects being halted, like Meego and Symbian, the lack of information has led to some questioning about the lifespan of S40. The affordable implementation of Windows phone on low-end phones that currently run S40 is unlikely. Because the majority of Nokia’s phone sales are the low-end range, not high-end smartphones, they need to continue developing a platform for this line. In either case, hopefully, Meltemi will reassure developers that their Qt knowledge will not be obsolete in the future.



The New Relationship between Timelines and Your Career

Alexandra Samuel posted an article on the Harvard Business Review Blog about the possible effects of Facebook’s Timeline on your professional life. She makes several interesting observations:

  • Timelines will lead to more oversharing as people fall victim to trying to spice up their virtual life. Also, because the profile will be in a much more browsable format, it needs to assumed that your entire profile will be a part of hiring processes and client assessments.
  • The days of attempting to maintain a border between keeping your personal life on Facebook and your professional one on LinkedIn might be over. Timelines offer a compelling way to tell the story of your career, she says, particularly with added privacy settings that can separate friends from workers.
  • Reading back through your entire Facebook history will allow you to analyze how you present yourselves to your colleagues and the world. “That perspective could be as valuable as a year’s worth of executive coaching.”


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