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CEO of Halfbrick Studios (Fruit Ninja) to Speak at GWC’s New Speaker Series, mobiTalk

Halfbrick Studios’ CEO, Shainiel Deo, will be the inaugural featured speaker at the Great Wall Club’s newest speaker series, mobiTalk. The event will focus on Halfbrick Studios’ efforts to make their gaming company a success and their new efforts to tackle the Chinese market. The event will also feature a moderated dialogue between Shainiel Deo and ZHANG He, COO of Domob.

 mobiTalk Banner

 mobiTalk: A Mobile Internet Speaker Series

The mission of mobiTalk is to educate and inspire local Chinese developers and startups through dialogue with today’s most successful entrepreneurs and companies.

Episode #1: The Road to Success for Fruit Ninja


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Main speaker: Shainiel Deo, CEO of Halfbrick Studios
Dialogue: Shainiel Deo vs ZHANG He, COO of Domob

  • Idea: Where did Fruit Ninja’s idea come from?
  • Road to success: How to make a mobile game globally successful?
  • Future: What are the main trends of mobile game?


Date: September 28th, 2011
Location: Beijing, 北京.创业影院【朝阳区大望路SOHO现代城D座三层创业影院】
Organizer: Great Wall Club
Media Partner: Tencent
Size: 120 people
Entry fee: 100 RMB/person

Schedule for September 28th:

18:30-19:30 Registration
19:30-19:40 Opening Speech: Bo Yiqun, President of GWC-China
19:40-20:40 Keynote and Q&A: Shainiel Deo (CEO of Halfbrick Studios)
20:40-21:20 Dialogue: Shainiel Deo vs ZHANG He,COO of Domob/Moderator: David Song, President of GMIC
21:20-22:00 Networking

Registration Information:

1.  This activity only accepts online application.
2.  The Main Speaker will speak in English.
3.  Great Wall will be free for members (only one per company).
4.  Application Deadline: September 27, 5:00 PM
5. Our venue is limited by 120 seats. First come, first serve! Register here.

Next Time at mobiTalk:

Episode #2:  Battle of the Super Angels

Main Speaker: LEI Jun, Super Angle Investor, Co-Founder of Xiaomi, and Chairman of GWC
Dialogue: LEI Jun vs Dave McClure, Founder of 500Startups
Date: Night of October 15th
Location: Beijing

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