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[UPDATE] Tokyo Drift – GWC G-Trip to Explore Japan’s Mobile Gaming Business

To help domestic Chinese game companies find the right direction and avoid the pit-falls of the market, President of the Great Wall Club (GWC) China Division, Bo Yiqun, is currently leading a delegation of executives from many of the top game and mobile companies in China in an executive study and tour of Japan’s game market from September 13th to September 16th 2011.

Update [Sept 14]: We received a picture from our delegates in Japan from their reception dinner.

GWC Japan Game Market Executive G-Trip


In the global game market, Japan is unique in product realization, innovation, and monetization, with many lessons and relevant parallels to be linked back to the Chinese, and global market.  On social games alone, Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities in Tokyo estimates the 2011 market size to be US$2.66 billion with 5.27 million paying users, and to grow to US$3.8 billion with 5.98 million paying users in 2013.

The study and trip will analyze the Japanese game market and learn about game culture, while experiencing the latest gaming products at the 2011 Tokyo Game Show. Included in the agenda will also be company vists with SoftBank, GREE, GMO, DeNA, G-mode, and Weathernews, to find potential overseas partners for our attending executives.

Stay tuned as we’ll have a summary review of the trip in the coming week.

Attendees of this Japan Executive G-Trip include:

Sina Wireless (新浪无线) – Wireless Business Unit Director
Tencent (腾讯科技) – General Manager
Tencent (腾讯科技) – Investment, Senior Director of CIO
Tencent (腾讯科技) – Senior Engineer
4399 Games (4399 游戏) – Chairman
Openmobi (开放无限) – President
Bewinner (北纬通信) – Exec Assistant
Dovo Technologies (动网先锋) – Chairman
Dovo Technologies (动网先锋) – COO
Thundersoft (中科创达) – VP
Eloo (易路联动) – CMO
Dejia (德佳信息) – CEO
Wiyun (微云游戏) – Senior Manager BD
Wondershare (万兴软件) – CEO
Fosun (复星集团) – Domestic Industry GM
Fosun (复星集团) – TMT Domestic GM
Fosun (复星集团) – Domestic CIO
Magnithink (广茂思路) – General Manager
Mobile 2.0 Forum (移动 2.0 论坛) – Founder
Incross International – President
Great Wall Club – Great Wall Club – President of China Division
Great Wall Club – Chief Representative of Japan Division

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