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Isao Moriyasu to be successor of DeNA CEO

Isao Moriyasu, new CEO of DeNA

Tokyo, May 25 (the Great Wall Club)—DeNA, a leading mobile SNS company in Japan, announced that Tomoko Namba, its confounder and CEO, will step down as the CEO due to family reasons. Isao Moriyasu, the current COO, will succeed Namba as CEO starting on June 25.

DeNA’s Mobage Town is one of the most successful mobile SNS platforms in Japan and even across the world. DeNA once again became the center of international attention with the launch of its gaming community in 2009. In 2010, it served 24.48 million registered users and generated annual revenue of 1.3 billion USD.

Tomoko Namba became the third female Japanese partner of McKinsey in 1996. In 1999, she furthered her career and founded DeNA. As the Japanese market matured, DeNA identified its strategy focusing on overseas expansion. The firm acquired China’s in 2009 and Ngmoco, an American smart phone gaming platform, in 2010. Under its 2011 strategy of X-devise and X-border, DeNA has been building its presence in the US, Europe, China and Japan. Tomoko Namba also became a member of GWC Japan this year, with hopes of greater cooperation in the international market.

Tomoko Namba, former CEO of DeNA

Isao Moriyasu currently serves as DeNA’s COO and leads Mobage, the firm’s core business. On April 27 2011, Moriyasu attended the 2011 Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) in Beijing and delivered the keynote speech, “DeNA’s Mobage Smartphone Platform Strategy”. During the conference, he also announced the strategic partnership between DeNA and NetDragon’s, a mobile AppStore.

The partnership will first set up a Mobage community on to bring Mobage to China. Please refer to the PPT below for more information about DeNA’s global strategy.
DeNA’s Mobage Smartphone Platform Strategy

Reference: DeNA Press Release

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