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10 Drivers of the Chinese Mobile Internet in 2010

“In 2010, the computer truly went mobile.” -WSJ, Dec 2010

As we enter the new Chinese New Year of the rabbit, we took at look back at the biggest changes and drivers that impacted the Chinese mobile Internet market in 2010.

Currently, there are more mobile Internet users in China than in any other country, accounting for more than one sixth of the world’s users. The resulting explosion in mobile-data growth is forcing carriers and equipment providers to adapt, and will provide huge potential for China’s vibrant mobile value-added services for 2011. Especially for small and medium enterprises in the country, the Internet in 2010 was mobile.

Our latest GWC Insights report highlights the 10 biggest drivers of the Chinese Mobile Internet in 2010.
  • The rise of 3G in China
  • Mobile handset makers and Android
  • App stores in China
  • Internet companies enter the mobile web
  • Open (mobile) platforms
  • IPO and VC gold rush
  • Mobile reading devices and platforms
  • Mobile payment licensing
  • Location based services
  • Micro blogging

This edition of GWC Insights is available for your viewing on Slideshare. Alternatively, download the PDF here.

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Arndt FockeResearch and Consulting Manager at GWC, Arndt is also the author of the organization’s GWC Insights and GPORT reports. His past experience includes innovation and technology management, and technology strategies in the ICT industry.

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